is Flemish and stands for

"VO" = "VOETEN" = Feet

"LI" = Liesbeth, myself

"TE" = "TENEN" = Toes

your body and its movement

are reflecting your inner world.

Being consciously aware in your body is an important resource.

The alignment of your feelings and mind will bring you harmony.

I invite you to discover my different techniques

to liberate hidden energy blockages, and thus improve your well-being, your inner power.

Allow yourself to reconnect with your nature.


Toes show to what extent you are true to your own nature and together with the language of the feet you get a closer inner look (serenity, balance, energy, positive attitude...): 

- Mirror of your character, your behavior and your personality. 

 - Awareness of your self and your blockages.

Your toes and feet do so much more than carry you and make your steps. It is an inner compass that can show you the way when your head no longer knows.


The benefit of an age-old massage that activates reflex zones helping to achieve or maintain body and mind liberation.

Techniques for rebalancing the various vital functions (blood circulation, nervous system, pain, emotional state, etc.): 

- Thai foot reflexology

- Reflex lymphatic drainage

- Medical foot reflex massage, by Iris Finch

- Deep tissue massage & cupping massage.  

- Ear reflex zone therapy

- Rei-reflexology (Reiki associated with reflexology)

- Chakra-Foot reflex massage 

- Scar treatment

Depending on your wish or need, I use pulver or a home made mix of shea butter, coconut oil in combination with essential oils, to support the relaxation during the therapy.


Feet and their toes show how and whether you live according to your true nature and whether you allow your inner power to be. Foot therapy helps with emotional, physical and energetic blockages. 

By aligning feeling and mind, you work from head to toe, strengthening your inner power and taking charge of your life, health, relationships and work. 

This questioning technique aims to liberate you from negative behavioural patterns, suddenly annoying unexplained feelings, and psychosomatic and/or psychological complaints. 

A process that can greatly unburden you, and can improve your life, health, success, etc.



Are you curious about the story of YOUR feet? 

Then bring your feet to the workshop and get a closer look at yourself, because body and mind form an inseparable whole that is reflected in your feet and toes.

It offers you insight into where your opportunities and possible pitfalls are which can support you in making decisions and deciding on your actions. 

This way you take every new step with more self-confidence and your self-esteem can grow.

Your own SELF-TREATMENT LEARNING PROGRAM to reconnect to your inner strength. 

Learn, step by step, how to increase your vitality and harmony through self-regulation techniques, by: 

- ​​Breathing exercises 

- Foot movements and posture 

- Self-massage techniques 

- Energy work : manifestation, affirmation, anchoring... 

- Imprint and personal notes of your feet 

Expand your uniqueness!


Your time and space, away from your known environment and routines.

This offer is for you ladies, to make the most of your personal time.

A massage or a treatment towards is even more effective if you prolong your relaxation time, in your own personal private space.

Open a Call with Volite

-Why do we trigger sudden mood swings?

-How much of our day is about allowing the environment to cause us to think?
-Are we really freewilled or are our feelings and actions impacted by our ancestors?

I am happy to provide you further insight to the possibilities at Volite, Foot therapy and more.

The aim is a first step towards more self-awareness and that starts with relaxation. Step by step you will get new insights that help to clarify your focus.

I would be happy to explain all this to you during this open call.
For registration, please directly via my email: info@volite.ch.

Use your negative emotions, dark notions and low moments as a guide, not as a blockage. 

And who knows, understanding your feet and toes might untangle you.

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