your personal learning process in self-treatment.

Take that step towards more self-empowerment. 

Through a combination of self-regulation techniques.

*Goal: Self-Empowerment

Learn step by step self-regulation techniques for increased vitality and inner balance.

The focus is on movement, posture, gymnastics, self-massage for a better energy flow for the body and mind.

All organs and areas of the body are represented in the feet. When we massage them specifically, we create access to the corresponding organs. With foot therapy we can reach our soul and spiritual centres, the chakras. We can cleanse the chakras of the old or used up energies and fill them with vitalising, refreshing energy.

Every 2 weeks you will treat a certain Chakra, by learning its respective exercices and energy connections. so that, after 14 weeks, you have an holistic way of treating yourself, and those near and dear to you, with a soothing and relaxing foot therapy, whenever it is needed. 

*Programm: Depending on your needs, we cover the following techniques :

  • Breathing exercises
  • Foot movement and posture   (Sensorimotor : Foot quality by Carsten Stark, Germany)
  • Foot gymnastics    (Perceiving and strengthening energy, Birgit Feliz C. Germany)
  • Chakra and Meridian connection  (Energetic work : manifestation, affirmation, grounding, breathing by Xanthe, Belgium)
  • Self-Massage techniques  (Self-foot massage : Hanne Marquardt via Bio Medica Professional School)
  • Personal foot print based on your feet and findings
  • Meditation and affirmation

*Timing :  1 hour per appointment. The program can be designed according to your own rhythm. The recommended sequence to work through all chakras is 10 sessions. 

*Material : All material is provided at VoLITe, but if desired please bring your own yoga mat, towel, blanket and pillow. For the session at your home, please indicate if you need any material.