Spring has just started and what better moment to announce the startup of VoLITe.

The time has come to share this personal project of mine as I want to get more connected to us ladies in a way that I can contribute to a healthier mind-body-feeling by working towards Relaxation, Clarity and Focus.

I have trust in this journey and I am keen on publishing its stories for you to read and to be inspired.

For now, let me clear out the mission of VoLITe and what it stands for.

There are 2 formulas. There is the offer to get a foot massage. Combining foot reflexology (the Marquardt chart), scar treatment, toe reading and the powers of essential oils, helps to give also in inside into your emotional body language. During the foot massage you can therefore choose to go for a relaxation session or to take it step further and explore the body language of your feet, which can help you to get clarity. In this formula you can decide on a visit to my studio or a visit from me so you can stay in the comfort of your home.

Then VoLITe takes it a step further and offers you your own space, so you can take a time out of your existing environment and invest that time in yourself. By putting the focus on yourself for the time you see fit, you allow yourself the opportunity to relax and if you want to take it further, get clarity so you can decide on your next steps, if you have that need. I believe both formulas help towards a healthier mind-body-feeling.

As for the name VoLITe, it's a mix between a Flemish and Latin. Therefore, I need to put the name in 3 parts: VO - LI - TE. VO stands for "VOET" which is Flemish for "FOOT". "LI" stands for "LITTEKEN" which means "SCAR" and "TE" stands for "TENEN", which means "TOES". Translating from Latin, Volite means "I CALL LI", in other words, "I CALL LIESBETH" ­čśŐ

For further information you can go to, and if you are curious already, you can mail me at I hope to hear from you soon.