WHAT is it about?

Home is where the heart is, right?

Today, as soon as we walk out that door, we are more focussed on BEING someone, instead of BELONGING

It is a split of our body and our soul and does not bring us inner pieace.

To bring us back to a state of belonging, we offer a therapy that brings closeness at the heart of the family, crucial for anyone's primal trust.

This primal trust is your longtime survival as a person, as a couple, as a family. 

Closeness brings harmony, stimulates growth and development, makes you feel protected. All our senses are involved in this process and are used when triggering feelings and emotions. 

We combine Foot therapy, Nidra and Kundalini yoga to stimulate each other on all senses so we can be a better and happier person with a positive effect in this society,

For COUPLES we focus on bringing calmness and relaxation for a better personal well-being and a better couples trust. 

WHY we want to do this?

The home more than ever needs to be a safe haven with true and honest love and respect.

If we can stay true to ourselves, we can also give a deeper connection and trust as a couple. 

The closeness will give you a good feeling of well-being, where trust can be increased.

It helps to increase the abilty to interpret signals or emotional messages in your communication..

It will electrify your skin, making the other appear more pleasant and therefore increase attraction.

HOW we want to do this?

After a small session of Nidra Yoga, you are personally recharged.

You then direct your energy to your partner, starting to connect with sight. Looking into our souls.

By joining your feet together, you increase the release of oxytocin that raises your closeness,

We include touching energy points, stretch excercises, breathing techniques and mudras.

We finish of with a tea ritual.

The session will take 1,5 hours. 

A private session: 250 CHF 

A group session: 190 CHF

For PARENT and CHILD we focus on the harmony and closeness as a heritage for longlasting trust and social relationships.

WHY we want to do this?

The mother is the most secure connection for a child and this bonding has an impact on strength and trust as a social being. 

The closeness, how earlier in life, strengthens our physical survival.

It relates to how we connect and has an impact on our attachment style.

For a mother breastfeeding stimulates all senses by touch, warmth, pressure and smell. 

Welcoming a child has a physical and mental impact on both mother and child.

HOW we want to do this?

Oxytocin stmulates maternal behaviour therefore touch is the base for this therapy.

Insights on understanding the feet will be given to see the child with an extra pair of eyes.

Foot therapy tips are given to stimulate and relax the child. 

Depending on the age of the child, we will adapt the session and will not exceed 30 minutes.

We believe the closeness of a father and the child is equally important, so we offer that option as well.