PMA coaching

Progressive Mental Alignment =
schrittweise mentale Angleichung



PMA is a powerful instrument to align mind and feeling.

Often the reason we link to our negative emotion has nothing to do with the main trigger. 

All our experiences are memorised and effect our decisions as they act as reference points.
Every memory is linked to the 5 senses and every sense is stored in another layer in the brain. It is important to know which layer has stored the highest impact in order to work on releasing that pain.

When a physical complaint continues to appear, no matter how many treatments you try, it can be a sign that the discomfort is linked to a recurring feeling or emotion from a bad memory. Even more, a memor we not even conscious about.

Getting that awareness and the link to a recurring pain, can be a step towards releasing the physical pain. 


Identify a recent event that has caused a negative reaction.

A reaction that is repetitive and that is causing you and your surrounding uncomfortable moments.

Reliving that event, the questions will make you focus on the moment and all its details.

By going through the details of the event we can get an understanding of the main trigger. 

By repeating the same set of questions, we can get to previous similar events in order to get to the original event that can explain the reactions.

By understanding this link, you create a better awareness of your emotional reactions, which will lead to an improved behaviour and a better overall feeling.


This tool is useful for every person, every age, every profession.

If you are annoyed and fed up by a certain repetitive reaction, this instrument can help to understand your main trigger. 

The gain from this process is that you feel more free every time a layer goes of and that has a impact on any physical complaints.


In your relationship, you always get stuck in similar conflicts.

A teacher can improve the way to handle any unsettlement in the classroom.

A manager can deal better with stress and tension in the team.

In the healthcare system we can better understand certain behaviours of patients.